Dont be an easy target

If you reading this post then a Congratulations must be in order to Mom & Dad.

Lets dive straight into this, I’ll to to keep it short and to the point.
So this happened when I became Dad for a second time, I loaded up the baby van with diapers, baby formula, prams, baby bag and the weekly grocery shopping list. The wife already in the baby van attending and to our 2yr old.

Buckled up and kids in their car seats off we go and head towards our nearest mall.
Remove the prams and load it with all our baby EDC goodies, we ready to shop.
1 Hour of shopping done, everybody tired, kids tired and tearful, we head back to the van.
Unsuspecting to us and very occupied with the kids needs, little did we know we were being followed by a trio of pickpocketers. They seen us as easy targets, pram & babies equal easy pray. They followed us for the entire 1 hour that we were in the mall.

As we got to the van, the wife went to the left side to put our older son into his car seat and I went to the right hand side.
I opened the rear passenger door so I could put baby into his car seat and as I was about to put him in a lady walked between myself and the open car door, immediately I knew something was up as this person invaded a personal space.
I shouted to my wife to grab my son and all belongings but it was already to late, the other 2 had already taken her cell phone and disappeared into the parking lot.

This goes for all of us, be aware of your surroundings, don’t be distracted, don’t have to many items that could distract you, put your belongings away & out of site.
We all targets, lets just not be an easy target.

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