1st Time Out Training With Multi Dimensional Warriors MDW

I got invited by a good friend to attend my 1st class of edged weapon training with MDW and lets just say the class didn’t disappoint.
Now i must tell you that when i got the invite, I thought ok cool lets go and learn some theory on blade designs and the various steels that make up the blades but I was in for a rude awakening.
On the morning I was told to bring a towel and plenty of water with me but why 🙂

I was met and greeted by a short much older version of me, or so i thought lol. Robert the instructor introduced himself and we were told to loosen up and we got straight into it. there was no time for chats or networking. Robert started on the basics of edged weapon handling and how one should hold it and how ones wrist should be, firm and straight, no time for bent or wobbly wrists.

We then moved on to different strikes of the blade of which the same formula can be used with baton, machete or just a stick. We practiced our foot work and strikes, footwork being moving at striking and getting out the way from one to two attackers that could be onto you. Ok let me pause here, this was only 30min in of a 4hr class, it was not easy. we sipped some water, dried off some sweat and ate some energy bars. As they say in Street fighter Round Two. There was about 8 rounds that day, ok i stopped counting at round 8 as there was much more than that.

Once we got the basics of weapon strikes and footwork sorted, it was time to do some sparring. We had to get in groups of 1 Vs 1 and 1 Vs 2, let me tell you it was tough, it was really tough. As you try to protect your limbs and body from consistent attacks you sparring partners are throwing at you its tiring and fatigue comes quickly. One you realise quickly just how fighting unfit you are( I can cycle 60km easy that should be some fitness) this is something else., then you think of what if, God forbid you are in a situation what then? fight or flight. These sparring sessions went on for almost 2hrs, my t-shirt was soaked in sweat you could wring the sweat from it. It was probably one of the most grueliing workouts I’ve ever done. It was also one big eye opener. I loved it and i would return for more and more. *Update we will now do online training and continue.

We still had 30 min left of the 4hrs, we spent the last minutes discussing blades, the importance of good quality tools that will be used to protect your life. We went over fixed blades, folded blades, serrated blades, plane blades, one blade or two or even 3, where to carry the blade and where not to carry. This class was tough yet i learnt hands on and enjoyed every minute of it.

I would recommend training  to everybody, as how we are taught how  to read we should be taught how to protect and defend ourselves, our families and our possessions.

Big shout out to Robert for his time and putting in 100% for his students in every single class.



If there are any grammar police out there, please forgive the raw writing. We just trying to get something out there without all the frills 🙂



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