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About EDC

We all about getting you prepped for that normal routine day or that everyday emergencies. be prepared for any situation as if you were anticipating it. Be prepared to tighten a screw, be prepared to cut a seatbelt, be prepared to build a shelter, be prepared to help save a life, be prepared to defend yourself, it doesn’t matter what prepping you do, just be prepped with some sort of EDC(everyday carry) gear and some life type of life skill. You could be the hero at a kids party by removing a bee sting or wood splinter with your SAK(swiss army knife)  or you could save your own life or that of somebody else with some 1st aid knowledge, a blade and a IFAK(individual first aid kit)

Ever wished you had a torch when searching for that keyless key that somehow slipped out your pocket and went under the seat or a power blackout occurs while shopping and you can’t see if you in the holster aisle or the ammunition aisle(big smile). What about all that times you wished you had a knife to cut open the boxes that the courier company dropped off from EDC(more smiles) or wishing you had something to protect yourself  from an unfortunate event. We found over 41 Everyday Emergencies that’s out there and could happen to anyone at anytime, how many are you  prepped and ready for.