The various versions of the boker applegate-fairbairn have been convincing special forces all over the world for years and have emerged as an icon among tactical knives. The knife goes back to the classic fairbairn-sykes dagger from world war ii and was designed by col. Rex applegate. The elite soldier coordinated secret operations throughout europe during the war and even became president franklin d. Roosevelt’s personal guard. He trained allied special forces in close combat and founded the “school for spies and assassins” in today’s camp david. Later he continued to work as a consultant and trainer, wrote numerous books about close quarter combat and began to develop and improve the perfect combat knife. In 1967, the mark 2 set a milestone for the development of modern combat knives in the us. The typical curved shape and gray aluminum handle with a black crossguard are just as essential as the double-sided serrated edge. Like our boker applegate, the mark 2 also recalls the classic fairbairn-sykes dagger of world war ii, although the kinship of the boker applegate and the mark 2 is more rooted in inner values than appearance. With the applegate vintage, we want to show our respect and appreciation of the fantastic timeless design of the mark 2. The satinized blade of the applegate vintage is made of 440c. Gray plastic scales and a black crossguard invoke the original as does the modernized, contemporary double-sided serrated edge. It comes with a classic black leather sheath.

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