Based on the Celtic short Sword, the Applegare-Fairbairn Smatchet is as imposing as it can be functional; beefy and ruggedly designed. In Peacetime: digging, chopping, pumpkin carving, scaring small woodland creatures, whittling, etc.  A friend and I bought two Boker Smatchets back in 2000, he used his while camping and trekking for  EVERYTHING and it held up to his all!

     This item has never been used for anything – never carried nor used and handled with great care. Both edge lengths are glassy smooth and except for a tiny bit of “sheath rash” on the obverse ricasso (see pic) this excellent short sword is in 99.999% condition.  The hole in the ricasso is for identifying between blades if one edge is used for utilitarian uses versus a sharper blade for other purposes. An excellent addition to any collection. Historically significant and pleasing but ready for a Zombie Apocalypse

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