01FX599TK FKMD Small Folding Karambit Trainer **DISC**

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The Karambit is a utility knife that has its origins from the Malayan archipelago, and was first documented in the 11th century with the ring on the pommel. The crescent-shaped blade is still in use today on fishermen’s knives, also known as gardening scythes. The ring on the pommel permits ‘free-handed’ work with the knife without having to place the knife down, and reduces the risk of loss, e.g. in maritime environments. Today, the pommel ring is more likely to be used for athletic purposes, e.g. in various Philippine martial arts, such as Pencak Silat or Philipino Kali, allowing the knife to rotate around the little finger. Ernest Emerson pioneered the renaissance of this knife type. He also developed the so-called Emerson Wave patent, a small hook on the spine that allows the blade to be deployed as the knife is pulled out of the pocket. The blade is made from N690. Grip scales made from slip-proof G10. With linerlock and clip. With blunt blade.


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