When life-threatening bleeding starts after bad things happen, nobody will be there to help you and family, nobody will be there to stop the bleed, but you. Nobody, but, you. Learn how to STOP THE BLEED.

40% of trauma deaths result from uncontrolled haemorrhage and you or yours can bleed out, die, in under four minutes…

STOP THE BLEED/TACTICAL EMERGENCY CASUALTY CARE training courses held at your offices, factory, farming co-op, school, shooting range, sports club, etc, seven days a week.

Learn the latest techniques in controlling life-threatening bleeding from the American College of Surgeons, developed on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus critical new Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) content. No previous medical training needed.

No previous medical training needed. Duration: approximately two hours.

Cost: R400, including American College of Surgeons certificate and course booklet.


Rob McCallum


Stop the Bleed campaign

The Committee on Trauma

American College of Surgeons

071 821 5777

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