EDC – Everyday Carry
Growing up as a Gadget Freak, my childhood heroes could escape the most infamous of enemies using not only the simplest of gadgets, but also the most advanced tech for that time. Heroes such as James Bond 007, Knight Rider and KITT (the most famous car on the planet), Rambo and his survival knife (inside the knife handle you had a compass, fishing hook/line/sinker, waterproof matches & steel wire saw with metal rings) and even the cartoon character Inspector Gadget grabbed my attention(I’m giving my age away here). But then there was the maestro – MacGyver – he could turn just about anything into a gadget in order to flee and survive any given situation.

Victorinox Swiss Army knives and Michael Knight’s calculator watch/KITT communicator – every boy just had to have one, pressing the button and talking into the watch saying ‘KITT, come and get me’.

I remember my 1st Casio watch that I bought at the tender age of 8, and even though I had just received it, every month I would still go to the store to look at the latest watches that came in – gadgets were just my passion!

Word got around that if you needed any information about gadgetry, that I was your man. Many friends and family sought out my advice on products that I had personally used, what I thought of it, and if I would recommend getting it.
I would oblige them, but in the back of my mind I always toyed with the idea of ‘what if I was that gadget-slash-survival guy?’ Why couldn’t I be – I have the knowledge and passion, have been keeping abreast of all of the latest, via the internet, gadget subscriptions, Expo’s and dealings with leaders in the fields.

So I made a decision to start up Everyday Carry & Gadgets, but running my interior decor business on a daily hampered my progress to get my EDC & Gadget project off the ground. It took me 2 years to put together a proper business plan, and to research in depth as to what value we could add for the consumer.

EDC & Gadgets was finally born on the 1st of November 2018!

I started EDC to assist guys with honest and knowledgeable advice.
My goal – Client education, personalization, preparedness and how to do minimalist EDC(having the least amount of tools & gadgets to complete any task) Providing a great product list and a personal touch that makes prospective buyers and browsers feel welcomed, important and part of my journey.

The first year had been an awesome learning experience; not easy, but definitely worth every ounce of effort! The friendships that have been forged and the support received from the EDC community has been amazing – and here I thought I was the ONLY gadget junkie around – who knew?!

Initially, over 3000 products had been loaded online but through market research, I soon realized what the sought after products were and that quality always trumped quantity.

New products are researched continuously, and added to the list if found in line with our vision.

Without revealing too much too soon, you can expect an increased product range that will cater for a wider audience, blogs that provide first hand reviews, and maybe a vlog or two 😉Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the latest updates.

Looking for something specific?
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Looking forward to interacting with you! Should you have any advice on improved service delivery, or have events coming up that align with the EDC brand, message through the link online or save our Business Whatsapp number 083-728-3332. Drop a line with your name if you’d like to subscribe to our broadcasts.

Now that you know a little more about myself and the EDC & Gadgets store – Welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy being on this journey with me.